A brief History

 The emergence and development of the Customs Department

Fujairah Customs Department was established in accordance with the Emiri Decree of 1983, whose main mission is to provide protection to the local community, increase revenues and facilitate foreign trade by reducing the security risks arising from international travel and trade.

Its mission also includes the task of defining and implementing the customs strategy for the Emirate of Fujairah and enhancing the emirate's ability to compete in the field of foreign trade, collecting customs duties and revenues, in addition to facilitating the movement of goods and people through customs outlets by applying the best customs practices internationally approved.

The Department's services are distributed among nine customs sections spread throughout the Emirate between the sea and air ports as well as the free zones, the operations section at the department headquarters, the ports section in Fujairah Port, Dibba, three free zones, Fujairah International Airport Section, Fujairah Airport Shipping Section and the Central Post Office in Fujairah.

Fujairah Customs Department works to protect consumers by detecting the smuggling of counterfeit or harmful goods, protecting local products by imposing customs taxes, and protecting the society from offenses such as customs smuggling and the introduction of prohibited substances such as drugs. These procedures are performed in cooperation with competent government authorities, such as health departments and veterinary quarries, Police, the coast guard and others.

The customs department uses state-of-the-art detection equipment and software with view to developing work, facilitating customs inspections and complete transactions quickly and accurately. There is variety of equipment used in the customs departments, such as stationary inspection equipment for trucks, containers by X-ray, besides fixed and mobile devices for personal baggage inspection.