Request for Notification of Trademark/Intellectual Property Infringement


The owner of the trademark or his legal representative can submit an inspection request for the presence of suspected counterfeit goods (trademarks / copyright / industrial property right), by providing evidence that the said merchandise is on its way or present in one of the United Arab Emirates Customs points of entries.

Said requests shall be submitted directly to the Local Customs Administrations (Contact points are listed below).


1) Submit the application and the required documents through the available channels
2) Pay the applicable fees after getting the approvals
3) Receive a confirmation of registering the Infringement of a trademark, the intellectual property team will then start investigation

Required Documents:

Document Special considerations
Certificate of Ministry of Economy Registration of trademark Original
Customs Declaration Copy
Letter of complaint Official complaint letter to the local customs administration Original
Policy (Shipment) Number Original
Power of Attorney Original
Trade License Owner - Commercial License Original


Description Cost
Request investigation by conducting customs inspection for an infringement of intellectual property rights AED 2000
Refundable deposit to ensure the validity of the complaint submitted to the customs inspection in case of infringement of intellectual property rights AED 5000
Request for customs inspection of infringement of intellectual property rights submitted in vacation and non-business days AED 1000
Request for urgent customs inspection AED 500

Local Customs IPR Contacts:

Customs Administration Email Contact Number
Abu Dhabi Customs 800 555
+971 2 810 2249
Dubai Customs 800 800 80
+9714 417 7777
Sharjah Customs +971 6 528 1666
Ajman Customs 800 70
+971 6 747 0111
Ras AlKhaimah + 971 7 233 3733
Fujairah +971 9 288 2222
Umm AlQuwain +971 6 765 5655