Restricted goods

Restricted goods There are certain goods that cannot be imported, exported or transited or that require permits from the competent authority. The restrictions and prohibitions of goods are determined in accordance with GCC Customs Tariff Codes. The classified Goods under those Customs tariff codes will require a permit while submitting the online Customs Declarations..
Banned Items :
  1. All kinds of Narcotic drugs (Hashish, Cocaine, Heroin, Poppy Seeds, Hallucination Pills, etc..).
  2. Goods intended to be imported from boycotted countries.
  3. Goods from Israeli origin or bearing Israeli trademarks or logos
  4. Crude Ivory and Rhinoceros horn.
  5. Gambling tools and machineries.
  6. Three layers fishing nets.
  7. Original engravings, oil paintings, lithographs, sculpture and statues in any material.
  8. Used, reconditioned and inlaid tires.
  9. Radiation polluted substances.
  10. Printed publications, oil paintings, photographs, pictures, cards, books, magazines stony sculptures and mannequins which contradict Islamic teachings, decencies, or deliberately implying immorality or turmoil.
  11. Any other goods, the importation of which is prohibited under the authority of U.A.E. customs laws or any other laws in the country.
  12. Forged and counterfeit currency.
  13. Cooked and home-made foods.
Please see the table below for permitting authorities and the goods categories for permit requirement:
Competent Authorities

Good Categories
Ministry of Environment and Water Live animals and product of animal origin
Ministry of Interior Explosives, arms, ammunitions and their parts/accessories
Dubai Municipality Vegetable products, home-made foods, products of chemical
Dubai Police Alcoholic beverages
Ministry of Economy Industrial raw materials
Ministry of Health Pharmaceutical products and medical/surgical instrumental and apparatus
Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology Tires/drinking water
National Media Council" Printed books, newspapers and similar products, work arts, collections of “Pieces and Antiques”
Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Pearls, diamonds rough diamonds etc.
General Secretariat of Municipalities Lasers, dangerous waste.
Telecommunication Regulatory Authority Telecommunication equipments
Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation. Nuclear reactors and Radio Transmitters.
Headquarter Coast Guard groups Boats, Cruise ships, etc.