Arrival and departure

Upon arrival in Fujairah the employees of Customs Department inspect the baggage of the passenger by using electronic scanning device and after the passenger passes the Passport Control Department he goes to the Customs Control to examine the baggage and to verify that there are no any prohibited or restricted goods.

The documents required to be submitted to Passport Control Department

  • Passport
  • Visa (Visa is not applied to some countries)

Duty-free goods

The traveler is allowed to carry any goods which are not listed in the list of prohibited or restricted items without paying customs duties with exception of the following quantities:

  • More than two bottles of spirits or other alcoholic beverages.
  • More than 400 cigarette (or equivalent value amounting to AED 3000)

Baggage inspection

Any baggage of the passenger may be inspected by:

  • Customs clerks
  • Other employees approved by the authorities or the regulatory entities authorities.
  • Police

Guidelines for the passengers:

  • Package your baggage well.
  • Be aware of the contents of your baggage and take care to prevent anyone tries to tamper with your baggage because you will be personally responsible for any prohibited or restricted goods or items discovered with you or in your baggage.
  • Be cooperative with Customs clerks
  • Be aware of all documents and required measures when you arrive in Fujairah.


  • To carry goods for the third party
  • To carry flammable or explosive substances
  • To carry prohibited or restricted goods without getting the necessary approval.
  • To state wrong or false information to the Customs department

Tourism Vehicles

Upon departure from the State please make sure that you:

  • Hold the documents that prove registration of the car, valid driving license and passport
  • Disclose all contents of the car and answer all questions asked by the Customs clerks.
  • Follow the guide signs in the Customs Center.

Upon arrival in the State please make sure that you:

  • Hold all above mentioned documents and to prepare them to be submitted to the employees of the Customs Department.
  • To insure your car correctly.
  • Disclose the contents of the car including any foreign currency and any commercial or personal goods.
  • Follow the guide signs in the Customs Center.
  • Obtain documents of exit permission for the car and the passengers from the Customs Center.